Reduce Your Biological Age and Feel 10 Years Younger!


Hendel's Garden revitalizing cream with extract of goji berries - a true "Energetic" for mature skin and perfect for skin recovery.  It activates the internal reserves of the skin and fights against age-related changes, removes signs of fatigue, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. It visibly strengthens and improves skin tone.  Goji Cream is ultra comfortable and give your skin a balanced texture.  It is instantly absorbed. The cream is non greasy and sticky. It is suitable as a base for makeup.


Goji Cream can protect the delicate skin of the face and neck from the emergence of new wrinkles and smoothes and softens the existing ones. Goji Cream provides all the necessary nutrients, thus providing a comprehensive regeneration of even the deepest layers of the skin. In addition, it protects against harmful UV rays and stimulates the production of collagen, the appropriate level is very important in fighting the signs of aging.Goji Cream activates the production of natural collagen in the deeper layers of the skin and regains elasticity and youth in record time.


Goji Cream contains Natural ingredients and does not cause any allergies or irritations.  Goji Cream is suitable for all skin types, regardless of age and gender!


Apply Goji cream to face and neck. Avoid the areas around your eyes.

Massage in circular motion. Goji  cream is easily absorbed. It is not greasy or sticky.

Remove makeup residues and impurities from  your face and neck.

Goji Cream immediately smoothes and moisturises your skin. The cream  is active for 24 hours after application!